No two people eat the same, or lead identical lifestyles, so why assume a generic diet plan will work for everyone?

Not Another Bloody Diet! book,
at precisely the moment you need it.

If you’ve google searched another diet to try out, you’ve come to the wrong website. If however, you would like to cut through the crap, and learn the actual science (not to be confused with the money making, diet industry pseudo science), then you’re in the right place. Welcome!!

Losing weight is a scientific principle. There are no exceptions to these principles, just different variables. Learn the unbiased facts, and take control of your own weight without making the multi billion dollar diet industry, and yourself, fatter.




Fiona Davis is dedicated to the truth, and loathes the dissemination of untruths.  

Coupled with a passion for writing, her long term goal to write a book that helps debunk much of the money making propaganda purported by a very wealthy diet industry, has finally been realised with the release of her new self published book "Not Another Bloody Diet!". Holding a Bachelor of Education, and Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion, her interests have always revolved around health and education. She runs her own diet debunking business: Imperfectly Healthy, a series of educational workshops that unravel the true science of weight control. She is keen to write many more books, even if they do only end up as expensive doorstops. She currently resides in Toowoomba, and is chief staff member to a cat named Gidget.


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Your Disaster Stories

A collection of horrid, and at times hilarious tales of your journey through disaster diets and frustrating fads. Your stories. Your words.
Entries chosen to be published will receive a 20% discount code redeemable when purchasing "Not Another Bloody Diet!".

In my stupid teens, I spent 10 months on a daily diet of toast and vegetables. I lost a huge amount of weight, hair and friends. Apparently nobody likes hanging out with a lethargic bag of bones that prefers carrots to movie nights with the girls.
— Veronica D - Brisbane
I once did a high protein diet that excluded all carbohydrates except vegetables. I had lots of energy to start with, then began to feel like I was wading through wet cement. I lost a few kilos but ended up putting them all back on when I caved in and went berserk at a friends wedding. At least my breath didn’t stink any more.
— Rebecca C - Brisbane
Whenever I want to lose weight quickly before an event, I live on diet pills and coffee. I feel grumpy and can’t sleep but at least I can get into my smaller clothes for a day.
— Caroline S - Sydney
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